Keki Nalavala came to see Baba on Sunday, December 30th, (1963) from Dehra Dun. Although he knew that there was a strict injunction against visitors, he had come anyway and met Adi at Khushru Quarters. Adi was so annoyed with him for coming that he refused to help him, even to the extent of not arranging for a taxi, because if he had done so he would be breaking Baba’s orders.

With difficulty, Keki Nalavala hired a taxi and reached Meherazad. Aloba stopped him at the front gate and adamantly told him to go back home, as Baba’s orders on the subject had been made crystal clear. Nalavala pleaded that if, when informed that he had come, Baba still sent word to go back, he would not disobey him and comply willingly.

By this time, Eruch walked up to say that Baba had agreed to see Keki Nalavala for just two minutes on the condition that nothing was to be discussed, unless Baba asked. Nalavala agreed and was led into Mandali Hall.

When Keki Nalavala entered, he was greeted with an embrace from Baba and allowed to sit for five minutes. At the time, there was a conflict in Dehra Dun about erecting a statue of Baba in Meher Dham. Baba asked Nalavala if he was in favor of having a statue or a large portrait installed. Nalavala said he preferred the portrait. Baba replied, “I have come to destroy all such things, but the love of Dehra Dun and other places has caused me to let loose the string for them to erect whatever they lovingly wish to do.”

Nariman was at Meherazad and agreed with Keki Nalavala that statues rarely reflected a true likeness of the persons. Baba then dictated a message to Nalavala for those in Dehra Dun, and he left after being with Baba for forty-five minutes.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18, pp. 6229 – 6230.