The Board of Trustees of the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre is happy to announce that by the Grace of Beloved Baba, we have been able to procure the adjoining two blocks of office premises, namely, A-25 & 26 at a total consideration of Rs.2.10 crores.

Although some of the other properties in the same Society and even on the same floor were being offered to us, we had to let them pass as we would not have been able to optimize their use. For decades we have been eyeing A-25 & 26 as it was best suited for the expansion of Baba activities and so have kept the discussions alive with their owner, with a prayer in our heart that one day Baba would see us through, which He did at the end of last year – 2023.

In the process of this acquisition, the major chunk of the corpus of our Trust, which was gradually built up over a long period, had to be liquidated. We now need to rebuild the corpus for posterity. The interest amount from this corpus was being used for our other charitable objectives such as providing educational assistance, medical help, relief from poverty, etc. Now with the washed-off corpus, we feel constrained in those activities.

Through this communication, we are appealing to all Baba-lovers, and all those who would want to do so, to donate to the Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre any amount you could afford with your heart to enable us to rebuild our corpus fund so that we may continue with Baba activities without any financial constraints.

Cheques can be drawn in favour of “Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre” and can be hand-delivered at the Centre.  If you wish to pay digitally, you may be able to scan the QR code kept at the Centre. For online payments, we give our bank account details as under:

Bank Name: Central Bank of India, Main Branch, Fort.

Savings Account No. 1721236021. IFSC CODE: CBIN0280621

Please send the Advice of Payment to the Hon. Treasurer, Jimmy F. Khan on 9820967005 or to the Hon. Secretary, Mehernosh N. Mehta on 9820175224 so that we may prepare the Donation Receipts which can be collected from the Centre anytime later or posted at your given address. Please also remember to communicate your PAN details at the time of payment or while collecting the Receipt.

Donations to our Centre are exempted under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act.

For any further details, please call Sam E. Patell on 9820626276

May Beloved Baba help us all to collectively spread His message of Love and Truth.


For, Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Centre
Hoshang M. Dadachanji