Three days later, on March 25th. (1958), Baba held another darshan program when the Poona bhajan group had the opportunity of offering a musical recital before him.

A contingent of lovers from Calcutta also came for three days. Among them was a high court judge named P. K. Sarkar, who met Baba for the first time with his family and was highly impressed. Judge Sarkar had first heard of Baba in February 1957, when he had been asked to preside over Baba’s birthday celebration in Calcutta. He recalled his encounter with Baba in Poona:

These three days were an unending feast of love, sweetness and exaltation and an unforgettable memory. We could not resist our tears when we received his holy touch and loving embrace, tears of joy and happiness. Instinctively we felt that we were in the presence of Love Personified.  His very presence, his holy embrace, his looks, his benign smiles, his loving gestures and everything about him bespeak love. In the presence of Baba one cannot but feel that he is an embodiment of divine love and that he loves us more than we can ever hope to love him.

Lord Meher, Original Publication., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, p 5548.