Hilda Thorpe of England was attending the sahavas with her son, Simon. On May 26th (1938), she wrote her other son, Anthony, [in New Zealand] about the sahavas and her first impressions of meeting Baba.

The following is an extract from Hilda Thorpe’s letter:

I don’t know how to write of this momentous experience which 220 of us are having here. I dare say it is not possible to even try to convey to another something which is so much an experience of the heart – of things for which there are no words and even symbols fail. Now, how can I tell of the man? If I had any doubts as to who he is before I came here, there is not one left. He is Perfection. He is the very Christ. This cannot be told – only felt.

Hilda Thorpe met Baba on May 19th with a few other people. Describing the meeting, she wrote:

We drove up to the Center. They were all in a dither. The moment had come and each one felt differently – scared or shaky. I just felt thrilled but calm … Before we knew where we were, we were waiting outside his door, and my hand did begin to shake a little. Then I was called, asked my name outside the door and where I was from. The door opened, and there was Baba. Anthony, it was extraordinary. I saw nothing or no one else. I just put out my hands and with a great sob, I was in his arms. He was so tender as he held me and took my head in his hands for a long moment and pressed his face to mine. It was as if at last, at long, long last, not one life but many, I had come Home. Here was the end – which was only the beginning. I got to my feet and stumbled out. Yes, Simon was with me and he went to Baba after me. And then we were both out in those beautiful woods, and I was crying with release and joy. Since then, we have been filled to overflowing, bursting at the seams every single day.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol.15, pp. 5435 – 5436.