Quentin Tod was in charge of the nightly entertainment and they would go each night to a different movie. One night, Tod took Baba to the Theater Espanol to see Love of the Sorcerer, a ballet. Another evening, Tod took Baba to see Cohen and Kelly at Madrid’s best movie theater, the Capitol, which had an orchestra and a revolving stage.

Baba would often say he wished to go to the movies to contact the spectators internally. Immediately after his work was over, he would get up and leave. Those who accompanied him had often become engrossed in the film’s story but had no choice other than to leave with him. When Baba went anywhere or did anything, it was only for his spiritual work, and the various places and events were all his different mediums of work.

On the last three mornings of their stay, they walked to Caso de Campo, a beautiful park. During their stay in Spain, some in the group had mentioned their desire to attend a bullfight, while others were not in favor of going to such a brutish affair. A bullfight was to be held at the Hippodrome on the afternoon of October 29th, (1933) and Baba surprisingly asked them to buy tickets. Those who wanted to go had told Baba that it would be a good opportunity to contact a large, typically Spanish crowd.

Watching as the first bull was killed, one of the women was overcome with fright and had to leave. Then one of the mandali, feeling ill at the brutal sight, had to go outside. In contrast, Baba was very bored throughout and thought the whole ordeal was childish. After the second bull was killed, Baba indicated that his work was accomplished and it was time to leave. He remarked, “Those two bulls were fortunate. They will incarnate next as human beings and rapidly advance on the path, because they were killed in my presence.”

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