(July 1933) One visitor was C. D. Deshmukh. After completing his philosophy doctorate in London, he came to see Baba and stayed for four days. He asked Baba, “What am I to do now?”

Smiling, Baba replied, “Just be sure to not forget me! Look for a job in a university, but with the conviction that you do so in order to fulfill my instructions. I am always with you, but you must always keep me with you.”

Deshmukh was well read and, having been influenced by Krishnamurti’s writings, asked Baba, “Is it not possible to progress on the spiritual path without the aid of a Guru?”

Baba answered, “Bandage your eyes, and then go and find my brother Adi Jr. Bring him here!”

Adi was in the next room, so Deshmukh asked, “How can I find him while blindfolded?”

“First blindfold yourself,” responded Baba.

Deshmukh hesitatingly tied a scarf over his eyes and Baba motioned to Chanji to lead him to Adi Jr.’s room. Accordingly, Chanji did so and Deshmukh soon returned to Baba, who asked, “Why couldn’t you go to Adi’s room alone?”

“I was unable to find the way blindfolded,” he said.

“So you needed the help of one who knew the way?”

“Yes, I suppose,” Deshmukh acknowledged.

Baba then elaborated, “In the same way, you will not be able to find the path. You are blindfolded by illusion. If you want to┬átraverse the path, you will have to seek the aid of One who knows where to find it, else you will wind up meandering here and there, probably breaking your head and both legs in the process. You will gain nothing.”

Baba’s clarification freed Deshmukh of his misconception and Baba jokingly asked, “Can you not understand such a simple thing, you doctor of philosophy? Or is it your philosophy that is confusing you?”

Four days later, Deshmukh returned to India and immediately got a job as a professor at Nagpur University.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 5, pp. 1792 – 1794.