ON NOVEMBER 7th, (1955) Baba arrived in Meherabad at about 8 A.M. Eruch and Kaka Baria accompanied him from Meherazad, as did Kumar and Kishan Singh, who had come from Dehra Dun for the program and were staying at Meherazad. According to Baba’s instructions, Adi Jr., Francis Brabazon and Don Stevens left early that day in Nariman’s car with his driver for a three-day stay at the Ellora Caves.

Baba had a discussion in his cabin with Pendu, Padri and Vishnu for some time, and then came to the hall to see the sahavas group. He said, “Those who did not sleep last night should stand up.” Minoo Kharas and Adi Dubash promptly stood up again. Baba wryly inquired, “Don’t you two ever sleep at night?”

Dadi Mehta remarked, “Both sleep quite well, Baba!”

Everyone laughed, and Baba asked Adi Dubash, “Has Minoo’s proximity affected you? Despite no sleep, your health seems to be quite good, so there is nothing to worry about. If you do feel unwell, however, consult Nilu.”

Ravikant Rawal stood up, and Baba remarked, “You must have remained awake all night, looking forward to an opportunity to finish your almost-endless story (of the four clever thieves)!”

Rawal said, “No, Baba, I could not sleep because I felt you were present near me all the time.”

On Baba’s asking, those who were indisposed stood up. Baba told them, “Those who are used to homeopathy should take medicine from Padri; those used to taking allopathic treatment should see Nilu. Look after your health well so that you can derive the fullest possible benefit from this sahavas.”

The atmosphere was full of merriment when the topic of Madon’s “wonderful ointment” came up. Krishnaji declared, “My cold disappeared completely with his ointment.”

Baba joked, “Remarkable! It increases the cold of those who only have a slight one, and reduces that of those who have it severely!”

Above the laughter, Madon said, unaffected, “It is the only medicine for all diseases!”

Ravikant Rawal interjected, “There was a little pain in my knees, but when I used Madon’s balm it began aching like hell!”

“That’s why it is named wonderful,” Baba teased.

More laughter erupted as others added their comments. Some favored the ointment, and some did not.

Baba joked, “It is a wonderful medicine with a wonderful name. The result is wonderful for every disease! It would make a man depart this life in twenty-five hours when he would have lived for twenty-five years!”

Baba then explained: I am very fond of having fun, but when I become serious I remain serious. With me, it is so from eternity. On gaining Realization, I gave up everything in eternity except my sense of humor. I have discoursed on this before. This is called the Avatar’s leela – game or play. In that discourse, I have also spoken about other matters such as Christ’s crucifixion. I am being crucified every second; but my merry, cheerful nature helps me bear the untold suffering.

While joking with me outwardly, have reverence for me in your heart. If you have no inner reverence, it is better you remain miles away from me. I am like fire! Fire dispels the cold and cooks your food. But if you try to play with it, it will burn you to ashes. If inwardly you feel that I am the Avatar and the Highest of the High, then your outward behavior will not affect that understanding. But if you have no inner understanding of the sort, then it is no use your expressing your love and reverence for me outwardly.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4695 – 4696.