(Jan. 1937) Baba continued upon the same theme of living together harmoniously:

Love for a Perfect Master, however deep or devotional it may be, does not necessarily affect the original nature of a person because, despite apparent superficial changes, the individual nature remains the same up to the seventh plane. On the seventh plane there is no individual mind, therefore no individual nature. This nature is so powerful that it continually tries to assert itself, and being inherently beyond one’s control, even influences the expression of pure love by often assuming irritating and embarrassing forms.

So, in order to keep the love of my disciples for me unalloyed, I have to humor less noble qualities of human nature such as jealousy, pride, anger, et cetera. Otherwise, there is always the danger of these qualities gaining supremacy over love and changing it into a feeling of opposition, thus creating hindrances in my work. For instance, K. J. Dastur and Herbert Davy now oppose me.

There were differences and strife among the Westerners almost daily during the Nasik period, but this discord had its purpose. The Avatar comes to sweep the world clean – to cleanse the human mind and purify the heart. Through his circle members, Baba was sweeping the world, collecting the refuse at one place – in one being – so that he could dispose of it. The forceful sweep of his hand at work would touch their innermost being, and the dirt of the world surfaced through their minds and in their weaknesses.

That was why weaknesses were so glaringly visible at this time among the Westerners, giving rise to heated quarrels. It was Baba’s work stirring things up! These quarrels, however, acted as a medium to bring the uncleanliness of the heart to the surface, making visible the defects of all. Baba used the strife as a constructive means of wiping away the inherent weaknesses in each individual. Such struggles and dissensions clean out the mind, and are quite different in nature from worldly dissensions which have as their basis selfishness and the ego’s pride. The discords in the company of the Master are unconsciously dependent on love and are liberating, for they root out all impurities.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, pp. 2068 – 2069.