On the morning of October 23rd, (1960) Baba, during the course of conversation, stated: “What can you achieve through talks? Reading also does not help. Any amount of reading or hearing has no value. Real understanding comes in a flash!”

To Bharucha and Vesuna, Baba stated: “I have called you to Meherazad not for sahavas but to help me in my work. This seclusion time is depressing; I pass through very bad nights. Even the day is spent badly. But it is lessened in talking and playing cards with you men. Your being here during this critical period is a matter of great fortune for you both. I play cards, go for walks, hear jokes, et cetera, but that is only external.

“People from all over the world want to come here – even for a minute – but I do not allow them. And you have had so much time with me! Obey me; that is all I want.”

Baba then had a poem read out that he had composed for Harry Kenmore the previous night:

“Harry dear, you are fine.
Yet, you need celestial wine,
wine that makes God out of swine.
And in one case out of nine
makes one Qutub who does shine
over the world of mine and thine.”

Baba then stated: “Experience is not the Goal; having visions is not the Goal. Union with God is the Goal. In order to attain this Goal, my grace is necessary. For my grace, you should resign to my will. When the climate is cold, it is good to take wine; but if it is hot, you perspire, and if you take wine, you may get high blood pressure. Therefore, do not ask for it (grace); I will give it at the right time.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 16, p. 5664.