Baba did not come to Meherabad on November 9th (1955). On that day, Adi Jr., Francis Brabazon and Don Stevens returned to Ahmednagar from their trip to the Ellora Caves, and the next morning, were driven with Nariman, Meherjee and Vishnu to Meherazad. Baba discussed matters with the mandali and then gave Francis and Don a tour of the property. Eruch took them up Seclusion Hill.

That afternoon, Baba was driven to Meherabad. At Upper Meherabad, he called Don Stevens and asked how he had enjoyed the meetings. Don recollected:

The whole stay, of course, was something so incredible, so beautiful, so very deeply moving, that I had great difficulty in expressing any sort of sentiment. This was always typical of me, and I think typical of a great many people in Baba’s presence: one found oneself tongue-tied. All one could do was to feel utter frustration in not being able to carry on one’s own side of the conversation with Baba, and also a deep overwhelming sense of warmth, which, in any case, could not have been put into words even if one had been in better form.

Baba had had a small chair placed beside his chair, on which were kept a small stack of papers. After Baba listened to Don’s reactions to the sahavas, Baba beckoned for the papers. Eruch handed them to him, and Baba put them on his knees and began rifling through them. Eruch explained, “Baba has here a collection of various articles he has given out at various public gatherings. Some are longer than others. All have been carefully collected and have never been published before. Baba wants to know if you would like to take this collection, edit it as you have done with God Speaks, build it up, handle it in any fashion that you feel fit – and perhaps make it into a small book which you can publish after God Speaks appears?”

Don, touched that Baba would show such confidence in him, immediately said, “Yes, I would like to do this. I would be very happy.”

Baba commented, “In fact, you might possibly want to combine it in some fashion – I leave it entirely in your hands – with a description of what you have experienced in this sahavas.”

Don nodded, and Baba continued, “If this appeals to you, I will make available to you the transcripts of the meetings, and you can weave your own descriptions of the events around them.”

Don said, “I think it is a wonderful idea, Baba.”

“You can write to Ramjoo Abdulla or Bal Natu about any questions you might have,” Baba concluded.

In this manner, the book Listen, Humanity came into being.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4705 – 4707.