It was April 27th, 1924; a Zoroastrian of Ahmednagar named Nusserwan Naoroji Satha, who was twenty-seven years old, went out for a long stroll with his younger brother Piloo and happened to pass by Meherabad. From a distance they saw Meher Baba sitting alone under a tree in a majestic pose. Nusserwan thought: “Who is this person? He looks like Zarathustra!” He approached, while Piloo kept aloof, and the Master lovingly had him sit beside him. They sat quietly for a while and Nusserwan kept having these thoughts: “Is he really Zarathustra? Is this the Prophet?”

Meher Baba then softly remarked in a cryptic tone, “Zarathustra is born again, but people do not recognize him!” Nusserwan was startled, realizing the Master had read his thoughts. Meher Baba then asked, “What do you do?”

In a sincere manner, Nusserwan answered, “I am a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and am taking an active part in the movement for national independence.”

Baba smilingly replied, “Give up all thought of political independence and concentrate on Self-Realization, which is real independence and true self-rule.” Nusserwan could not comprehend what he meant. Baba concluded, advising him, “Continue coming here and you will understand all that I am telling you.”

Nusserwan was connected with a large and influential Zoroastrian family and, due to his first meeting at Meherabad, the entire Satha group of relatives also became closely connected with Meher Baba, including his sister Gaimai Jessawala and her family. Nusserwan was very happy with this chance meeting and returned home in an ecstatic mood. Although Nusserwan had first seen Meher Baba during 1921 at the housewarming ceremony of Sarosh Manzil, he had not known who he was nor had he talked with him. Yet, seeing him now, Nusserwan immediately felt drawn to Baba.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 2, pp. 625 – 626.