On June 13th, (1952) Baba dictated the following message for his lovers around the world:

The personal disaster, for some years foretold by me, at last happened while crossing the American continent – causing me through facial injuries, a broken leg and broken arm, much mental and physical suffering. It was necessary that it should happen in America. God willed it so.

It brings to fruition the first part of the circular which said that until July 10th, in the Complicated Free Life, weakness would dominate strength and bindings would dominate freedom; but from July 10th, in my Full Free Life, strength would dominate weakness and freedom would dominate bindings; and then from November 15th, in my Fiery Free Life, both strength and weakness, freedom and bindings would be consumed in the fire of Divine Love.

[For those new to Baba, the personal disaster referred to in this mail is the car accident Baba voluntarily underwent on May 24, 1952 as a part of His self-imposed suffering for the benefit of humanity. Baba had foretold that  He would have to spill His blood on the American soil.]

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 11, p. 3856.