Baba had directed the Westerners to do an hour of meditation each morning. On April 2nd, (1937) before leaving for Meherabad, he urged them to take the meditation seriously, and he also stressed to them that they should always think of him in everything they did. He stated:

Try to do it very, very seriously as if your very spiritual life depended on it, not merely as exercise, drill or a bore – or like taking castor oil. Clear?

Once you experience a tiny bit of what I intend giving, it will be bliss just to sit and concentrate on me. Until then try to follow literally what I have told each separately.

You should think of me in everything you do. Eat, dance, but forget yourself in the action and think of me instead. The less you think of yourself and the more you think of Baba, the sooner the ego goes and Baba remains. When you – ego – go entirely, I am one with you. So bit by bit, you have to go. Today your nose, tomorrow your ears, then your eyes, your hands, everything.

Think of me when you eat, sleep, see and hear. Enjoy everything, but think it is all Baba. Baba enjoys it. Baba is eating it. Sleep soundly in Baba, and when you wake up remember it is Baba getting up. Keep this one thought constantly with you. If you do wrong, then think it is Baba doing wrong. If you get a pain, think it is Baba getting a pain. Then it will be all the time Baba.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2143.