REACHING GENOA, Baba boarded the S. S. Roma at 10 P.M. on October 27th, (1931) bound for New York City. In Naples, Meredith introduced a Canadian lady from Toronto named Louise Skey to Baba. During the voyage, Miss Skey was taken with Baba and visited his cabin several times.

Besides Meredith’s annoying behavior, Agha Ali would also behave like a spoiled child at times during this journey. One night, Ali lost his temper and created a disturbance in Baba’s cabin, whereupon Baba soundly thrashed Chanji. Seeing Chanji beaten frightened Ali and the boy realized his mistake.

Even though Ali expressed his regret and apologized, Chanji was still crying. Within moments of this incident, Miss Skey appeared on the scene. Finding Chanji weeping, she was surprised and asked Baba the reason. Baba slyly spelled out, “Look what love Chanji has for me! Whenever he finds me alone, he cannot prevent himself from crying. His longing is terrible so he sheds tears of love. These are his tears of longing.” This statement greatly impressed Miss Skey who then also began crying. Baba directed Chanji to calm the woman down. How could she bear to know the facts behind poor Chanji’s beating?

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 4, p. 1459