On the night of September 21st, (1929) the ship arrived in Karachi. Baba and the mandali were met by Pilamai Hormuzd, Baba’s maternal aunt Banumasi, and Merwan and Homi, her two sons who had been at the Meher Ashram school. The most distinguished among the others to receive them was the mayor of Karachi, Jamshed N. R. Mehta. Pilamai invited Baba to her house and he went there at eleven-thirty, accompanied by Buasaheb and Vishnu.

Baba met with people until two in the morning, giving a discourse on divine love to Jamshed Mehta and praising the selfless service he was doing in Karachi. Baba then stated:

Real worship is within – inside the heart – not in the outward muttering of words. To enter the spiritual path, one has to go beyond religious ceremonies. One cannot grasp Truth through the intellect, but at present people are averse to know even an iota of it!

All the disorder of the world is due to the mind. He who conquers it, conquers everything and is a real hero…

Baba and the mandali left Karachi on September 22nd. amidst a loving farewell. It was to prove significant from this first contact, in that Jamshed Mehta established a closeness with Baba and embraced him in his heart. Jamshed Mehta was a good friend of Mahatma Gandhi and it was through his influence that Gandhi eventually came to meet with Meher Baba.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 4, pp. 1223 – 1224.