The next day (January 28, 1939)they went to Mathura, where Krishna was born; to Gokul, where he spent his childhood; and to Vrindavan, where he lived with the gopis. Near a temple in Vrindavan, a young mast who was playing the flute saw Baba and exclaimed, “Here comes my Murlivale – the Flute Player! I have been waiting for you!” (1) The mast was ecstatic when he saw Baba.

While visiting the places associated with Krishna, Baba observed, “When I see these places, I remember my old habitats; they are like my old, well-remembered haunts. Here was where I used to play with the gopis and steal milk and curds; here, I played my flute; and here, my Radha would come running to me! Now, I have brought my new gopis with me, and now, Mehera is my Radha.”

(1)  Murlivale is another name for Krishna and means “the flute player.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 7, p. 2374.