To sum up my Manonash work:

First: I feel in all truth that the four months’ Manonash work has been done by me, by the help of God, to my entire satisfaction.

Second: The result of this work must bear fruit, sooner or later: either in the immediate present, or sometime later, or in the distant future.

Third: The result will bring Freedom to us all in proportion to our merits of love, faith and service.

Fourth: This Freedom will be freedom from ignorance, and will be the Knowledge that we always were, are and will be One with God.

Fifth: This Knowledge will make us realize and experience infinite love, power, bliss and peace, which we always possessed and knew not.

Meher Baba’s message was printed and sent out in the form of a circular which was called Life Circular No. 1. Thus, from February, 1952, Meher Baba’s LIFE began!

In a lighthearted mood, on the morning of February 8th, Baba went on a picnic to Happy Valley with Mehera, Mani, Goher, Meheru, Rano and Kitty. They walked the distance of four miles to Happy Valley, and after remaining until two that afternoon, walked back to Meherazad. (1)

Meher Baba’s fifty-eighth birthday was celebrated in Meherazad on Tuesday, February 12th, 1952. The companions offered the following invocation in Baba’s presence as dictated by him:

O God! Today being my first real birthday,
my heart expresses that
the declaration of the LIFE by me
was entirely Yours and by Your will,
because nothing happens save by Your will.
All my knowledge and my ignorance,
all my strength and my weakness,
all my freedom and my bondage
are as You have desired and decreed.
This Life Eternal will be lived by me
in conformity with Your will,
and every word of the declaration of the LIFE
will come to pass by Your grace.

The prayer was issued as a Life Circular, and sent to all concerned. The circular also contained this message from Baba:


(1) Once a forest area, Happy Valley is a place where Lord Ram and Sita once stayed during their period of exile. The legend of Happy Valley is that Sita was thirsty but there was no water nearby, so Ram shot an arrow into the rocks and a stream of water began to pour out, which gave pleasure to Sita. Another legend is that Sita wished to take a bath, but again there being no water, Ram shot his arrow into the rocks to bring forth water for Sita’s pleasure.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 10, pp. 3762 – 3763.