Later, while discoursing about a Sadguru’s circle, Baba revealed:

When a man or woman dies, he or she sometimes takes a different human form in the next birth. This form is distinctly different from the previous form. Even in hundreds and thousands of births, no two human forms are similar. But even this has an exception. A person who enters a Sadguru’s circle has a similar form and the same sex at the time of God-Realization as he or she had when he or she first entered the circle.

After a person becomes a member of the circle, he or she attains Realization in one hundred or two hundred years. During this period, according to the fate – the spending of the remaining sanskaras after coming into the circle – a person may have to take one, two, three or four more births. But when the time comes for Realization, the person’s form is similar and the sex the same as when he or she first came into the circle.

The seed of my present circle was laid nearly four hundred years ago at the time of Shivaji. Swami Ramdas, the Guru of Shivaji and one of the five Perfect Masters of the time, laid the seed of the new spiritual circle-to-be. In exactly the same way, I have now laid the seeds of the new circle-to-be which will be completely manifested four hundred to five hundred years from now.

The human forms which the Master and the members of the circle take during their manifestation are similar and of the same sex as they had at the time when the seed was sown by a Perfect Master. For example, I have now a similar stature as that of Shivaji when I manifested as him and when the seed for this present circle was sown by Swami Ramdas. My present form is similar to Shivaji’s in many ways.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 882 – 883.