They arrived on the morning of October 12th, (1946) but then learned that Pir Fazal Shah, the saint they had come to see, had left for Kotah. Baba decided to leave the luggage at the station, and they boarded the train for Kotah, where they arrived at eight-forty that night. They immediately went to the saint’s abode.

Pir Fazal, a mental conscious salik of high caliber, was said to be one hundred and seventeen years old; nevertheless he was still remarkably strong looking. He received Baba and his men with great fervor and brought a chair for Baba to be seated. He began muttering as if to conceal the excitement and emotion he felt at being in Meher Baba’s presence. After a while, Baba and the saint moved and sat alone in the adjoining room. Fazal Shah began crying with profound feeling, and out of his ecstasy uttered to Baba:

“No one, until you came, has touched my heart
so deeply as you have.
You are the first to pierce my heart
with the arrow of divine love!”

Fazal Shah further proclaimed: “You have the power to destroy and flood the world; no one fully knows the limits of your greatness. You are the Spiritual Authority of the time! If I were to die I would take another body just to be near you.” Fazal Shah then pleaded with Baba to write him as soon as he returned home, and commanded a disciple to write down his address on a slip of paper which he handed to Baba.

Baba and the mandali left Kotah the same night and reached Mathura early in the morning on Sunday, October 13th. They had two hours of sleep on the station platform and then left by train for Kash Gunj.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol 9, pp. 3134 – 3135.