(Sept. 1931) Nadirsha Dastur came to Meherabad. In the course of a private conversation, he complained that he had lost money in business due to Baba’s advice and his friends were now ridiculing his continued faith in the Master.

Baba explained to Nadirsha at length:

The meaning of faith is that one is not shaken by anything. Faith is the means whereby anything can be courageously accomplished.

Worldly people naturally worry about their families, but, in reality, everything is one big zero. How long will your connection with your family last? What do you know about your forefathers and, likewise, how long will your family members remember you after you pass away? They will forget everything. No one is going to remember anything or have any connection with you. All these present connections are only temporary; they are not permanent or everlasting.

You are now worrying about your family because of some monetary problems. Suppose that everything is all right and you have millions tomorrow. You will all live in comfort then. You will collect jewels and other things. But what about in the hereafter? Nothing is left! When the body drops, everything ends! Everything becomes useless – meaningless! Nothing! So, we Masters see far ahead, because only that which we give is permanent – a lasting connection. We do not pay attention to all these superficial difficulties.

You are mine. You have faith in me. I gave you advice and you lost money by carrying it out. If people say that I have used up your money, it is true. But why? How can people be blamed? You are definitely mine, because you have faith in me, and you have held out and stuck fast to my feet despite your own hardships. But how are people to believe this? How could they have such faith? Therefore, if they speak ill about me behind my back, just listen quietly. What truth is in it?

Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross; but did it change his state? No! The truth is, he who is perfect is not moved by any disaster. He remains perfect even if the whole world speaks against him. How would the sun be affected if men were to shoot arrows at it? The arrows will rebound and come raining down on the persons who shot them. The Avatar, or the Sadgurus, are thus like the sun. They are not going to be impressed or influenced in any way by the arrows of slander. But why am I affected by this? I feel for you, because you are being harassed.

Remember this: those whom I love suffer somehow in any event. But this is the moral: no sooner than you have money, pay off your debtors. You got involved in a business in which you suffered a loss, because I asked you to get involved. Now I will turn the key in such a way that everything will be all right and you will have happy times. But always be honest in your dealings. It is better to be honest and suffer than to be dishonest and enjoy life.

Nadirsha departed feeling reconciled – comforted by Baba’s words.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 6, pp. 1916 – 1919.