The orchestra conductor Leopold Stokowski came to meet Baba at the Astor Hotel on November 25th. (1931). The following is their conversation:

Stokowski asked Baba, “How can unity be brought about between East and West, especially when the conditions prevailing are quite contrary?”

Baba dictated, “Reconciliation is possible and can be achieved. It can and will be done. I will do it. It is the internal that matters, not the external. When the soul becomes enlightened, it experiences Reality. And however diverse the conditions may be, everything is seen and experienced as one.”

Stokowski said, “I have asked many wise people the same question, but none could satisfy me as your clear-cut answer has.”

“It is not a matter of thought or feeling. I know and do,” Baba replied.

“Is outward beauty necessary for the inner?” Stokowski asked.

“From your standpoint as an artist, you see all that is outwardly beautiful in nature and, through it, the internal. It is good, but once the inner perception is gained, nothing remains of external beauty or ugliness; all is alike.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1488.