(Nov. 1955) Touching on work done in his name, Baba stated:

Every time, I have been telling you to love me more and more, and to tell others about my love. Today, I want to stress the point that before speaking to others about my love, search within your own hearts and determine if you are worthy to love me or not.

Take Babu Ramprasad, for instance. Suppose he tells people about Meher Baba’s love and says: “Baba is the Avatar, everything depends on his will and in all circumstances we should remain unaffected. Baba alone is real, and all else is illusion. Without his will, not the leaf of a tree moves, and it is our duty in life to love him.” All of a sudden, he gets a telegram in which the news of a theft of ten thousand rupees from his home is conveyed. If Babu Ramprasad begins crying and shrieking, and shows all the signs of extreme distress, what will the effect be on his audience? Would they feel Baba’s love within them? Would they not think that whatever Babu Ramprasad had said was all bunkum! He himself is entrapped in illusion and tells people that all is illusion! But if the news leaves Babu unmoved, then people would feel that yes, he has real love for Baba in him!

If anyone among you remains uninfluenced and calm while facing any adverse circumstance and goes on speaking about my love without caring about such disturbing news, then thousands would begin loving Baba. Make your very life itself the message of my love to others. One sincere lover can produce thousands of lovers!

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, p. 4775.