23 January 2023

Jai Baba dear Beloved Meher’s family,

We are pleased to inform you that the schedule/timetable for Beloved Baba’s 54th Amartithi Program Schedule (30th-31st Jan, 1st Feb. 2023) is now posted online on the Avatar Meher Baba Trust official website,  Here is the link

Another way to find the schedule is open the Home page of and click on the link that reads:

“54th Amartithi Program Schedule.”

The schedule is also attached herewith.

Printed copies of the Amartithi Program Schedule will also be posted at Meherabad.

Kindly note the start time of the program on 30th January is 12 noon (not 12:30), and closing time is approximately 1 pm on 1st February.

NOTE FOR PERFORMERS:  To quickly find your individual slot time and date on PC or laptop, click inside the schedule and use “Control – F” command.  Type your name in “navigation” or “find in page” box.   Stay tuned for AMB Trust app info.

CANCELLATION OF SLOT – If, for some reason, you are unable to come to Amartithi, kindly notify the Amartithi program team of your slot cancellation.  This will help us to run the very full program smoothly.  For cancellation of slot in the program, please email with a copy to

Or phone Helpline No : +91 – 74477 – 66580  or  +91 – 74477 – 66585

(Please – no slot change requests or general Amartithi enquiries – for slot cancellations only).

WEBCAST – For those of you unable to attend the live program, you will be able to join us in Beloved Baba’s oneness and Silence via webcast, as usual, through Avatar Meher Baba Meherabad Streams YouTube channel. 

We look forward to being in the Beloved’s Presence on His Eternal Day.

In His Service,

Mehernath Kalchuri, Trustee

Amartithi Program Coordinator

Mehernath Kalchuri
Trustee, Adv., AMBPPCT

Post Bag No.31,
Kings Road, Ahmednagar 414 001

Maharashtra State, India
Mobile: +91-9422221917