Trust Circular
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Beloved Avatar Meher Baba,
On a scorching summer day on 6th April 1959, Meher Baba, the Avatar of this Age, took His seat beneath a tin shed, mere footsteps from the sacred ground destined to cradle His Tomb-shrine on Meherabad Hill. In the presence of the Ahmednagar Registrar, the Lord of the Universe affixed His signature to a handful of paper, bestowing on humanity a sacred legacy — the Trust Deed.
Among the many objectives laid out in the Trust Deed by Beloved Baba, one singularly calls for the eventual construction of a Super-Structure to over-arch His Samadhi.  This is one of the most significant modifications to the Trust Estate that Meher Baba had specified in the Deed.
While the construction of the Super-Structure will not occur for some time, the trustees have determined that now is the time to plan the design of this uniquely important feature of Meherabad. During the 1958 sahavas, Baba had said Meherabad would become a place of world pilgrimage 70 years after He drops His body. The Super-Structure will over-arch the Samadhi as His lovers come from all over the world to bow before the most sacred physical form of the Avatar of the Age contained therein.
Because the worldwide Baba family cherishes this sacred site, the Trust is inviting all to join in the design process for the Super-Structure.  If you are interested in participating, more information about the background on this project and the design process can be found in the attached document and can also be accessed on the Trust website at
The document includes:
·  Background
· Timing of the Super-Structure construction
· Mandali perspectives
· The design process
· Requirements and guidance for submissions
· How the Super-Structure will impact the darshan experience
We look forward to the bounty of creative expression that will be released in the design of Beloved Baba’s Samadhi Super-Structure.
In the Love and Service of Avatar Meher Baba,
Framroze Mistry
Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust