On the late afternoon of June 22nd, (1936) Baba went to see Naval and Dina Talati in Nasik. He was accompanied by Rustom, Pendu and Vishnu. Chanji was also there, having been called from Bombay. Dina was concerned about her family’s welfare. Seeing her worried face, Baba emphasized to her: “This is very bad! However miserable and disappointing a thing may be, one should not brood over it and think about it.

“Take the worry from within and fling it out, and be free of it by occupying yourself in daily chores in the usual routine.

“All this is nothing. It is a zero, an imagination, a show! Whatever has happened, has happened!

“Whether it be happiness or misery, both are the same. Neither is lasting. When you were miserable, you were feeling sad. Now that feeling has left you. Similarly, if you had nothing to worry about, you would have been happy. But even that happiness would not have lasted. Of what use would even that happiness have been to you? So whatever misery or happiness is here today, it will pass away and then there will be nothing!

“Everything comes, everything goes. But from the spiritual viewpoint, if one bears suffering, it is very good.”

Dina then asked, “But why this suffering when you are here – in physical form?”

To reconcile her, Baba replied, “You suffer because I am here! Do I not suffer and bear it? Those who are mine should be prepared to suffer.”

Dina understood what Baba meant.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2013.