In late March, (1927) a young sadhu wandered into Meherabad and approached Baba begging for money to go to Hardwar. Baba took a special interest in him and gave him this discourse: 

The meaning of a sadhu is one who performs spiritual practices with the object of controlling the mind. But since you are unable to keep your mind under control, what do you expect to gain by going to Hardwar? If you want to go into the Himalayas overpowered with love for God, then go on foot enduring hardships for the sake of realizing God. This will be your sadhana (spiritual practice) and thereby you will be able to conquer your mind from its thoughts of worldly allurements. A sadhu should always try to be above desires of any sort.

There is no easier way for attaining God-Realization than satsang – the contact with or company of saints and Masters. As for my circle members, there is no fear in them or worry about Realization, for the clock is wound and the alarm is set. When the time comes it will ring automatically. Let the clock be here or there, but why move it? Continue doing satsang and contact the true Masters. When the time comes, within a second all will be light. Wait; just wait and be patient.

Baba’s words, “Why move the clock?” meant why go here and there, wandering about seeking a guru or God.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 3, p. 921.