Rustom K. Irani brought up a subject that he considered important, which resulted in a meeting of the mandali, and several guests were also called.

Abdulla Jaffer was made the chairman and, as there was no chair, he was given a bucket to sit on. The others sat around him on the ground. Rustom proposed that, since Meher Baba was recognized as the spiritual chargeman of Hazrat Babajan and Upasni Maharaj, he should have a separate symbol representing his position. Some proposed wearing a different shirt, a distinctive cap, or some other form of dress. At this point, Ghani found fault with the chairman (“bucket-man,” as he sarcastically called him) and Abdulla was deposed. Ghani was then made chairman and given a ghamela pot to sit on.

The discussion focused on a proposal to have a symbol to which most objected. Baba, too, did not like the idea and said, “We are not a society.” He concluded, “Any mark of distinction would rob us of our independence and would prove a binding to restrict our minds.” Therefore, the proposal was thrown out and the meeting ended. But due
to some laxness on the part of both chairmen, Baba made Abdulla and Ghani hold their ears and do three deep knee-bends while the others laughed.

A meeting was called during the afternoon of April 15th, (1924) to suggest a name for Meher Baba’s newly built room. He suggested the name Jhopdi (simply meaning, the Hut), which all seemed to like; and so this one-room hut built for the Lord was accordingly christened. It was also referred to as Agra Kuti – the First Hut.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 2, pp. 607 – 608.