On the evening of December 15th, ‚Äč(1956) Baba informed the women mandali:

During the last seventy-five days of my seclusion, beginning from the day of the accident, I have to work through physical suffering. The main pattern of its intensity resembles climbing a hill: the first three weeks being in the ascension. Therefore, the critical week beginning tomorrow is the apex. The next twenty-one days are of slow gradual descent, and after that the last forty-four days will be of gradual improvement, with only the normal pain and discomfort expected with someone in my condition.

Baba continued:

It is as if the mental suffering of the universe wants to crush me. But the infinite bliss I experience and the love I have for all sustains me, and the love of all my lovers supports me in the burden I carry. The week ahead will be the climax of my suffering, but it is necessary and must be. This critical period, too, will be tided over with the love of all who love me.

Baba dictated this message to all who loved him:

In this apparent helplessness, I declare again that everything except God is illusion, and that the only way to be united with this Self of all selves is love, sacrifice and unreserved and honest resignation to the Beloved’s Will.

I am the Self of all. I am the Ultimate Goal. So love me with all your honesty and whole being. After my seclusion is over (on February 15th, 1957), I will be free from this helplessness. I will give my sahavas, darshan and my blessings to all.

On the 15th of February, I will fast for twenty-four hours along with all my lovers. And, regardless of the restrictions imposed on my physical activities because of the injuries, I will feed and bow down to seven hundred poor people on that day.

My love to you all.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, pp. 5137 – 5138.