Later that same day, at about 2:30 P.M., while driving to Gulbarga, Baba saved them from being involved in a serious auto accident. The mandali could only describe it as a miracle. There was no other explanation to show how the car, which had slipped from the incline of the road into a deep hole and gone over completely on its side to only a few inches from the ground, could right itself as it did without turning over in the ditch. “I still cannot grasp how it happened,” Bhau later said to Mani. “One second, my face was almost touching the ground, and the next, we were on the road and on four wheels again. I saw Baba’s hand firmly holding Eruch’s arm.” The car had tipped over on Baba’s side, and Eruch was on top of him with no control over the steering wheel. Baba (from an almost impossible angle) pushed Eruch back into his seat, making it possible for him to yank the wheel and the car to safety.When the mandali said it was a miracle, Baba looked innocent and gestured, “I know nothing about it.”

They drove on and arrived in a village where there was a middle-aged, long-haired mast who was drinking toddy. Baba bowed to him, touched his feet and gave him five rupees. They next drove to Sangli, where Baba contacted a very good mast. Baba had worked with him before and was pleased to see him again.

After travelling day and night for his contacts with masts, Baba returned to Satara on the evening of September 11th. (1956).

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 15, pp. 5120 – 5121.