(June 1960) On another occasion, about one of his lovers, Baba remarked, “He has a very deep understanding of love, and he is prepared to do anything to experience it.”

He asked the mandali, “Do you experience my love?”

“Not as the Ocean of Love,” one said.

“A fraction of your love,” said another.

“Not even a fraction!” answered a third.

“And do you believe that I am the Ocean of Love?”

“Something more than belief, Baba,” they replied.

“Rarely has one been given that love,” Baba stated.

Someone commented, “You are the Ocean of Love. You are in everyone, so everyone should get that Ocean of Love.”

In reply, Baba explained, “Why should I give the Ocean to everyone? It is there. Everyone is destined to experience it one day. When I see it is worth giving, I give that Experience to one, and not to the Ocean.”

Baba had just finished distributing chocolates to the mandali, and the empty plastic jar was lying in Baba’s lap. Pointing to the jar and using the following simile, Baba continued:

Here is a jar with a closed lid in my lap. Take it to be in the Ocean which I am. However, the jar does not get filled. In my inalienable Oneness of Love, you cannot expect me to do two things – open and pour. Likewise it is left to you to open your heart and receive love from me.

And again, why should I give you or a particular individual the Ocean of Love, which certainly I am, and not to others or to the whole of creation? It is a gift, and it ever remains the gift of grace!

Someone said, “I will try…”

Baba interrupted the man, stating:

Don’t try. The more you try, the less are the chances to receive love. It is said that those who want love should, in the midst of life, become deaf, dumb and blind! This will gradually free you from the wants you would like fulfilled and also from those which you dislike.

In the end, you have to free yourself even from the want of “I want love,” or “I want to become One with the Beloved.” Of course, such a want frees you from all other wants, but even this singular want belittles the glory of love and it becomes a burden to the Beloved.

If this is not possible then you should, at the least, desire to become like dust at the feet of the Beloved. For this you have to obey me implicitly.

In the following lines a lover states how impossible it is to obey the Master:
“O Beloved! You have tied my hands and feet to a plank and have thrown me in the midst of a stormy ocean, and you command me that I should not get my clothes wet!”

This simply means that unless the Master helps you and you trust him one hundred percent, it is not possible for you to obey him absolutely.
I am God in human form. Be prepared to obey me with all willingness. I bestow the gift of love as and when I like. Better leave it to my will and pleasure.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 17, pp. 5769 – 5770.