FROM FRIDAY, December 1st, 1967, Meher Baba’s state intensified and he powerfully embarked on what he indicated was “the remaining seventy days of his seclusion work.” After each session of work, he looked exhausted and was soaked with perspiration. Eruch would wipe him dry, apply talcum powder and help him change into a clean sadra.

Explaining about his work one day, Baba stated: “You can only see what you see me doing outwardly, but I am continually working on all planes of consciousness at the same time. As my manifestation time is closing in, the pressure of my work is tremendous. You cannot have an iota of an idea of it.

“The days that are now passing are nothing compared to what will happen afterwards. It would be like comparing the small height of Seclusion Hill to Mount Everest!”

On another occasion, Baba referred yet again to “His Time is fast approaching …”

In response, Eruch said, “Baba, while you say ‘the Time is coming fast,’ we find that Time itself is receding from us – we never seem to catch up with it.”

This was true, and although there was a ban on all correspondence, many letters were still being received from both the East and the West. After his work in the morning, letters were read aloud to Baba, and Francis would read his latest ghazal. Baba would then go to the women’s side for lunch and return at 11:30 A.M.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 20, p. 6556.