On June 22nd, (1926) Meher Baba revealed:

A Sadguru is like an ocean, a limitless stretch of water. Empty your mind of all Mayavic desires and the waters of the ocean will find a way in – the waters of Knowledge, Power and Bliss.
The jivanmuktas and majzoobs and other spiritual beings on the subtle and mental planes are the pipelines for the waters of Realization. They distribute the ocean’s waters to deserving candidates who are prepared and who are being prepared.

Continuing the simile of water, Baba stated:

In gaseous form, water evaporates and forms clouds. Now you cannot use this gas or vapor in clouds for railway engines or any other steam-driven conveyance. For that you have to pump water from the ocean, river or some subsidiary; then you fill the tanks of the engine and produce steam to work it.

These clouds of condensed vapor may be compared to majzoobs, the steam being formed and used for work in the world by Sadgurus. And you the bhaktas (lovers) are the water which must be heated, boiled and transformed into steam. In other words, the essence must be prepared to change its very form. On the other hand, ice and snow are like worldly people who have no inclination toward spirituality – they are so cold!

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 815-816.