(February 1954) Baba then asked Eruch to read out the three messages that Baba had dictated. The first message was:

Do not listen to the voice of the mind. Listen to the voice of the heart. Mind wavers; heart does not falter. Mind fears; heart is not daunted. Mind is the house of doubts, reasonings and theories; heart, when purified, becomes the dwelling of Beloved God. So get your heart rid of low desires, temptations and selfishness, and God will manifest in you as your own Self.

The second message Eruch read:

Be content with your lot, rich or poor, happy or miserable. Understand that God has designed it for your own good and be resigned to His Will.

You eternally were and always will be. You have had innumerable forms – man, woman, beautiful, ugly, strong, weak, healthy, sickly, powerful, helpless – and here you are again with another such form. Until you get spiritual freedom, you will be invested with many other forms. So why seek temporary relief which has in its wake more bindings?

Ask God not for money, fame, power, health or children, but seek His grace of love which would lead you to eternal bliss.

The third message Eruch read:

For the rich, I am the richest. For the poor, I am the poorest. For the literate, I am the most literate. For the illiterate, I am the most illiterate. Thus I am one of you, one with you and one in you. We are all one.

To realize this Oneness, love God wholeheartedly and honestly, sacrificing everything at the altar of this supreme love, and you will realize the Beloved within you.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 12, pp. 4293 – 4294.