Harjiwan Lal arrived in Rath on February 6th (1954), and joined the group. At 1:35 that afternoon, Baba gave darshan to a group of college students at the Brahmanand Inter College. He stated: “I feel very happy to be among you all, and especially to meet Swami Brahmanand,” referring to the founder of the college. “Swami Brahmanand has done so much and is doing so much for you because even this is an aspect of divine love. I give you all my love and blessings.”

Swami Brahmanand was asked by Baba to join him on the dais, but he preferred to sit on the ground. Shortly afterwards, Baba too left the dais and sat on the steps of the veranda. Brahmanand requested Baba to have tea, but Baba stated, “Seeing you all here, my heart has gotten full; and when the heart is full, what is the need for tea?” However, later, at the repeated request of the principal, Baba and the mandali had tea and refreshments. The principal introduced one of the masters (teachers) to Baba who quipped, “I too am connected with masters, as I myself am one.”

Public darshan was held in Rath later that afternoon. This message was dictated by Baba at 3:05 P.M.:

I have come down from the Highest to your level. So take me to be yours and naturally, automatically, you become mine. If you are poor, take me to be poor. If you are rich, take me to be rich. If you are illiterate, take me to be illiterate. If you are literate, take me to be literate. I have come down to your level, and if on that level you love me with all your heart, you will come to my real level of the Highest, because I am in you all.

The prasad that I will now give you, remember me with love and eat it with love. Then the seed of love will be sown in you.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 12, p. 4270.