(N0v. 1952) Before leaving for lunch, Baba mentioned that he would grant individual interviews to each man on the next day, and added: “I will do this for my own work, and not for giving a hearing to individuals’ ‘crying and weeping’ over personal difficulties. They are there, no doubt, but it is equally true that they have been there, more or less, all the time. The fact is that when one dies, one has to leave everything there and then, done or undone, important or unimportant. What a joke!”

Before ending, Baba also mentioned his silence and the inner struggle to achieve union with God:

Do you know how fed up I am with this silence? I long for the moment when I can break it and speak what I have in my mind to you all. You all put your grievances and complaints before me, but who will hear mine?

You say, “Baba, you have anubhav,” – the experience of the infinite nature of God. But then, my grievances and complaints are also infinite! God is the only Reality, and all the rest is illusion. God is One. We are in Him, and one with Him; and we have to experience This. That is the purpose of creation. This jagra (inner struggle or fight) is to get this experience.

God-Men help to achieve this goal. When Man becomes God, a lineage is there; but when God becomes Man, there is no lineage. As for me, I have to come back again and again, and experience infinite bliss and suffering, simultaneously. There is pleasure in it and a kind of imprisonment, too.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 3918 – 3919.