(June 1926) While Baba was discoursing, someone asked, “Why are there fifty-six Realized souls in the world in every age?”

Baba replied:

The number 56 denotes perfection. God has to take human form to do the work of maintaining a balance in the universe, and if only one Perfect Person existed he would not be sufficient for the purpose. For instance, a toddy shopkeeper needs several helpers – one to prepare the toddy, another to serve it, another to collect payment, et cetera. But if there is no shop, what is the use of helpers? Therefore, the universe must be maintained, and to carry out the affairs of the universe in an orderly manner fifty-six God-Realized persons are required.

The view of one eye is limited. This infinity of illusion requires the fifty-six people for an orderly management of the universe. All this is beyond your intellect. It is of no avail until Knowledge dawns and such Knowledge is not easy to come by. Such talk is all air – empty air – which one tries to grasp but cannot. As Hafiz says:

This Knowledge is never grasped by the intellect’s noose;
destroy the noose and you will obtain it.

For example, there is a boat with a man in it on the surface of the ocean. But if the man himself turns into the ocean, what is the use of the boat? When the man was without Knowledge, he enjoyed the ocean by going out in a boat; when he himself has become the ocean, he has no pleasure in going out in a boat – and the boat floats on the surface of the ocean without a rower! This is the state of a majzoob.

I am Prabhu – the Lord. I am all Knowledge-Power-Bliss. You see me, talk with me and touch me, but I dwell in Infinity. My state is indescribable. Forget about my state, but just think about what I can give you! If I am not playing with God as God twenty-four hours a day, how can I be able to give the Infinite Experience?

This is all beyond your limited understanding. You have intellects and I have come down to your level of understanding to make you understand; but as I said, it is all beyond human understanding.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri. Vol. 9, p. 820.