ALTHOUGH it had been announced by mail that no outsiders should come to Meherabad after July 1st, (1925) a group of Parsi politicians came to see Meher Baba on July 2nd. After discussing with them the political and spiritual situation of India, the Master discoursed
about the mind and body. This was to be his last recorded verbal discourse:

Human excrement is totally useless; only swine eat it. Similarly, when the flesh is cut from a carcass, only bones remain and these are thrown to the dogs. Man’s mind is like flesh, and his body is like the bones.

A person eats flesh (meat) and digests it, which means he uses it. But the bones are inedible and of no use; so he gives them to dogs, who can chew and utilize them. A human being must care for his mind, which is like the meat. He should use his mind by training it to flow into the proper channels.

A person has to let go of his physical body sometime, for it cannot be preserved. To illustrate this: suppose one’s finger is chopped off or a leg is crippled, he should not worry or weep over it because he knows that his whole physical body has to be discarded one day. But a human being should be most careful about his mind, which is of the utmost use to him. The mind should be directed toward proper spheres; it should be kept in check and utilized.

If this body, which a person has to discard one day, is used for anything, it should be used in the service of three causes: God, the Master and our fellowman. The body may become weary and worn out – it may bring one suffering – but so what? Man, as a physical being, is destined to suffer. So long as the body is vibrant, active and under one’s control, man can be said to have used it for a good cause by directing his energies in any good or noble work.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 2, p. 733.