17th December 2023


Jai Baba dear Beloved Baba’s Family, 

20TH December up to midnight is the LAST DATE to submit your 55th Amartithi program request.   Only 4 days remain – so please make your request immediately!  Late submissions cannot be considered – our program is too full! 

This is a loving notice and reminder for all those who wish to offer a song, dance or skit for Beloved Baba during the live 55th Amartithi program 2024. (30-31st Jan & 1st Feb).  We ask everyone to kindly use the online Google form to request a slot in the program, using this link:

The link can also be found on Home Page, and in the Trust Amartithi Circular online.  If you need help with the form, kindly contact <>

or call +91 74477 66580 or +91 74477 66585.

Even if you are regular performer who always participates in the program, we would like to receive your request so we know that you will be present and wish to participate.  20th December 2023 is the LAST DATE to ask for a spot in the schedule. 

We extend our thanks to all who have lovingly cooperated by filling up the Google form and submitting.  Please share this notice widely with individuals and Meher Baba Centres, both in India and around the world. 

In His Service,

Mehernath Kalchuri

Trustee, Amartithi Program Coordinator.