(May 1963) . . . One of those from Navsari declared, “Baba, I see you everywhere!”

Baba answered, “Good. Try wholeheartedly to see me all the time. But remember well that your present feeling of seeing me is not the real seeing.

“It is very difficult even to have intellectual conviction of God’s all-pervading Existence. This requires rocklike faith in God’s omnipresence. When you cross the hurdle of intellect, you have the conviction-by-sight. Then God is seen as He should be seen, every moment and everywhere. This is real seeing, but even this implies duality.

“As you cross the hurdle of this second type of conviction by tearing off the last vestige of separate existence, there dawns unawares the third type of conviction, the conviction by becoming God. This is a very, very rare occasion, a gift of grace from the Perfect Master.”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, p. 5753.