Meher Baba’s fire of love was aflame throughout Hamirpur, and everywhere seekers of God sought that divine light around him. People wanted to look at Baba if only just once, and for it were prepared for any sacrifice. But to see him even once is not in everyone’s naseeb (fortune). There are billions in the world, but only a handful could see the divinity of the Avatar; and of these few even fewer remained bowed in surrenderance to him. Those people of Hamirpur and Andhra were among the blessed who bowed at his feet and remained there.

Baba arrived in Chhani at 3:45 P.M. on February 7th. (1954) Again, instead of sitting in the chair placed for him, Baba sat on the veranda of the government village dispensary from where he gave darshan to the crowd.

This was his message in Chhani:

If you have rock-like faith and flame-like love for God, nothing in this world will affect you. Flattery will not touch you. Happiness will not humor you. Misery will not trouble you. So, I give you all my blessings to love me and find that God alone is real, which will make you rise above this imaginary phenomena and make you understand that Baba alone is real.

When Baba arrived, many of the villagers in Chhani had been watching a wrestling match at a local fair. But as soon as word spread that Meher Baba had come, the match was stopped, and everyone rushed to him for darshan. Baba was in the car preparing to leave when this crowd came. He agreed to come out if they sat in an orderly fashion. After five minutes, order was restored, and Baba stepped back on the platform to give his darshan to those who had come late. These people acclaimed him heartily. Soon after, Baba left for Hamirpur.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 12, p. 4275.