… Baba commented about habits: (May 1937)

Anything that forms itself into a habit loses its freshness, sincerity and enthusiasm – even repentance. If you every day become weak and repent for having been weak, in the end you find your only weakness has been repenting. Only love remains ever-fresh.

The habit of questioning and doubting in the end reacts on the questioner himself. Vivekananda used to always ask questions: “Why? Why this? Why that?” Ramakrishna loved him very much so he used to answer. But one day he got fed up and did not reply. Vivekananda asked again and again, but got no answer.

Then one night at midnight, Ramakrishna said, “Bring me food,” and he requested certain kinds of dishes. Vivekananda could not find the food in the house at that hour. Ramakrishna asked him, “Why? Why is it not available?” and Vivekananda said, “Because it’s twelve o’clock at night! It’s not the time for eating!” At that moment, Vivekananda got his answer. From that day, he never asked another question.

Now I, who have formed the habit of answering, will now ask questions and you all answer honestly. Is there real harmony here?

To this question, there was no reply.

Lord Meher, Original Publication,  Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2178.