On December 25th, (1951) Baba dictated at length to the men, explaining what the mind consists of and how to fight it. While Padri read the alphabet board, Eruch jotted down what was said.

Baba then stated: “I want all to avoid making any noise during the period of my seclusion.” He gave this example to emphasize the importance: “Padri, suppose you are a soldier in a battlefield trying to kill an enemy. You are in a battle and around you are all sorts of armaments – tanks and machine guns firing, and planes dropping bombs. You are ready with a gun in hand, ready to shoot down your enemy. But just then a bumblebee buzzes near your ear and distracts your attention. Then what happens?

“Your attention is drawn away from the enemy and toward the bumblebee, and at that instant, the enemy gets the better of you and kills you. So, if you make any noise while I am working for Manonash, my attention is drawn away from the work, and this hinders the progress. So, try to keep silent as much as possible.”

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, p. 3753.