(June 1926) If you desire to aspire for Realization, you should hold your very life in the palm of your hand, ready to give it up at any moment! Then alone will you be deemed worthy and be able to experience Truth.

The topic then turned to the American Christian Mission and the Salvation Army – two organizations which were doing their utmost to convert people to Christianity, declaring it to be the only sure road to salvation. Baba asked, “Why all this? Why mislead people into leaving their religions? Is religion the Truth as well as the way to the Truth?” He then elucidated:

Truth has nothing to do with religion. Truth is far away and far beyond the tenets and principles of religion. Truth is naked and unrestrained and can only be experienced by cutting loose Maya’s limbs – lust, anger and greed…

If it is not a sin to make others doubtful of their religion, it is surely a great weakness. What is the advantage in expanding a religion until its followers number in the millions?

This is the Kali Yuga! See the horror done in the cause of religion. Look at the massacres born out of ignorance and cruelty occurring between Hindus and Muslims, all for the sake of religion. At the same time, many false prophets have appeared and hypocrisy is rampant. People now want religious doctrines to suit their own ideas of life, and the crafty leaders who observe all this and fulfill their wishes find thousands of followers.
Continuing, Baba advised:
So I have been telling you: control your mind, live a pure and clean life, discard desires and follow a Master who is God-Realized. Then alone you will be safe. Following a Master does not mean giving up your religion. You should renounce the mind!

If you try to set green grass on fire, it will not burn. But if you set a match to a haystack, it will immediately catch fire and burn to ash. The haystack symbolizes the accumulation of sanskaras. In order for green grass to dry, it has to be kept near a fire. This means that in order to destroy one’s sanskaras, a person should stay with a Sadguru in whom the divine knowledge is always burning. In his contact and company, sanskaras accumulate but also dry. Finally, with the flame of his grace, he sets fire to and uproots all one’s sanskaras. Even red sanskaras of lust and anger, which are the fastest growing and most deeply rooted, are nothing to worry about if you have contact with a Sadguru.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 3, pp. 817-818.