(June 1953) He who comes down from the seventh plane – from the state of the Father – and acquires gross consciousness, is like a magician. When he does his tricks, the whole of humanity is like children to him, and his children consider his activities as real. But there is a heaven-and-earth difference between a magician of the seventh plane and a juggler of the gross plane. The duty of the Divine Magician is to sustain the universe. This means that while doing his work, he has to teach his children that what they see and hear is not true; and to do this, he has to raise the children’s powers of understanding. But all this, meant for the understanding of the world, becomes more delusive. Many a book has been written on this subject; but everything is like a coil of rope which those deluded are apt to take as a serpent. Everything is like the coil of rope – a fake!

Even to feel fed up is also a delusion, and also when I say I am waiting to break my silence. But this delusion is of a high grade to make others undeluded. The Master Juggler does his tricks to sustain the Truth so that the children should not go wrong. In that he gets fed up, wondering when the children will be able to understand him and come to know the Truth and say that it is all a fake.

There is nothing to know. Everything is for forgetting. Whatever can be understood is illusion. The highest understanding and the lowest are both illusion. What cannot be understood is Reality. We are what we are. What we were, we are, and what we are, we shall be. If you don’t understand this, it matters little. All that has to be understood is illusion, but if you understand what cannot be understood, then you will know that we were, we are and we shall be. You have to gain that consciousness.

In short, there has been no change in us, nor will there be any. The only difference lies in knowing that we are unaware of what we are – Infinite God and One. We began to understand ourselves differently as separate entities. This thinking of separateness is nothing but illusion. The wonder is that we were One with Infinite God, and today take ourselves as separate from Him. We began to think in terms of individuality – I am sick, I am happy, and so forth. Such understanding will have to be forsaken.

Kumar could not resist interjecting, “Baba, I am not able to understand anything you have explained, nor am I particularly anxious to.”

Baba responded:

Whether you bother or don’t bother, your children, wife and even the body itself serve as a binding for you. In reality, there is nothing but continuous bliss, but now you can have no idea about it. We are infinitely powerful. Once you get that consciousness, you can make or break the whole universe; make the whole universe happy or miserable as you choose. It is said in Sufism that the highest bliss of human beings is the seventh shadow of that Original Bliss.

Whether you bother or not, this understanding has to come gradually. Whatever we know is an illusion. Whatever we are talking is also an illusion. The real understanding, when it comes, comes in the twinkling of an eye, because we are that Ocean of Divinity, in which all drops exist. When the drops seemingly form into bubbles, they experience a different state. Waves cannot burst them; but once they are burst, they instantaneously become the Ocean! If it is explained to these bubbles that they are not bubbles but the Ocean, they will not grasp it unless they burst. The more the effort to explain to the bubbles, the more the illusion increases. So, where is the necessity in explaining? The bubbles must be burst to make them aware.

Different types of bubbles exist in the ocean – some are small, some big, some black, some red, some white, some dirty – numerous sorts.

Referring to Kumar, Baba stated, “He is in the Ocean. He has his wife, children, relations. Every drop is different, but each one is a bubble.”

Kishan Singh asked, “Why don’t you just break these bubbles?”

Baba joked, “Yours is already broken!”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol 12, pp. 4164 – 4165.