There was no public celebration of Meher Baba’s fifty-second birthday on Friday, February 15th, 1946; but Baba did give this message to his lovers, issued through a circular:

Your love, your devotion, your steadfastness amidst storms of opposition, self-created or real, are commendable. Your allegiance to the cause of Truth for which alone I stand is unique.

Every year that passes brings fulfillment to the tremendous task of spiritual upliftment of the world. I work dynamically through humanity in its intense suffering, joy and vigor, because I am the One in all. Among all my previous birthdays, the present one represents the end of a year full of great upheavals, outstretching from rigorous spiritual activity performed during my fasts, travels, hardships, seclusions and contact of poor, suffering people and spiritually advanced masts.

Suffering comes and goes; joy comes and goes; pleasure comes and goes. They will demand your utmost patience, courage, poise and, above all, your love and obedience to me. Whoever stands for me, stands for the Truth – the Eternal Light that is forever illumining the hearts of you all.

Through darkness to light, through suffering to happiness, through chaos to harmony, will be the end of the journey. All suffering has an end. Spiritual happiness has no end. It is perennial. Giving over your goodness, your strength and your weaknesses in entire submission to me, you will share my Treasure of Happiness.

My Love and Blessings to you all.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 9, p. 3098.