A YOUTH named Singh, from Hamirpur, had attended the Andhra darshan program, but his parents were against Baba. Running away from home, Singh came to Baba in Dehra Dun on Sunday, June 28th. (1953) Before he arrived, his father’s telegram was received, asking Baba to send Singh back immediately.

“Why have you come here?” Baba asked him.

“I wish to stay with you,” the boy replied.

“I am pleased to hear it. Now tell me, will you carry out my wishes?”

“Surely, anything!” he replied.

“In that case, I ask you to return home, and every day place your head on your parents’ feet until they feel fed up with it and ask you to stop.”

“But they abuse you, Baba!” he exclaimed.

“By abusing me, they remember me and also test your love for me. You should learn to have forbearance. By tolerating their attitude and still showing your love for them, you will win them over. Do as I say; go home and serve your parents.”

“But I want to be with you,” the boy pleaded.

Baba sent Aloba to bring Harish Chander Kochar, who was sitting daily under a tree opposite Baba’s bungalow, waiting to be called. Occasionally, Baba would call him, but then he would always be told not to pester Baba again. At his arrival, Baba praised Kochar, “Look at Harish Chander Kochar! How obedient he is! Whatever I tell him to do, he does immediately!”

Baba asked Kochar to sing a song, which he did. Its meaning was that Baba is the mind; Baba is the body; and except for Baba, there is nothing. His wish is all in all, and to fulfill it is the only virtue in life. Baba asked Singh, “Did you hear what he sang? Kochar behaves according to the song he has sung; that is why he is dear to me. If I ask him not to come here, he does not. He acts according to my wish.” Addressing Kochar, Baba instructed him, “As my lawyer,
give Singh some advice.” “I am not in a position to advise anyone,” Kochar said.

“All right, then convey to Singh whatever I tell you,” Baba ordered.

Eruch then read Baba’s alphabet board to Kochar, who in turn
would repeat the words to Singh. “Baba’s friendship will be a persecution
for you!” was the first thing Baba dictated. “No, never!” the boy protested.

“Give up the idea of loving Meher Baba!” was the second dictation.

“Only when I breathe my last!” Singh responded.

Baba then told Kochar to convey the following to him: “Harish Chander Kochar loves Baba. He follows Baba as Baba tells him. He did not go to Mussoorie when Baba was there, as Baba forbade him. He knows that since Baba is everywhere, he can love him even from a
distance. Today Baba is telling him that he should not come here and of course he won’t!”

The mandali burst out laughing because Kochar had, in fact, gone to Mussoorie to meet Baba against his express orders, and in Dehra Dun also kept coming and pestering Baba, in spite of Baba’s instructions not to do so. But Kochar remained quiet and did not utter a word to the contrary.
Baba gave certain instructions to Singh, and sent him back to Hamirpur.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4170 – 4171.