Baba then apprised the workers of the reasons for calling them to the meeting that night: (March 1954) 

The introduction is over and now real points start, to which you must all listen very carefully. It is about work for which you have been called here. You have been called workers. You must understand what work is. You Andhra workers, big and small, rich and poor, have done your best to make the programs successful. I know that. This I say with happiness that you have tried to express your love for me by spreading my message of love. But somehow I feel something is very wrong – deep-rooted. It is natural that among workers of any cause, political, social or spiritual, there may be differences of opinion, and not only differences of opinion, but also competition and jealousies, which lead to an absolute breakdown of the basis of work.

Now you are working for Baba. Is it necessary? If I am the Highest of the High and God incarnate, where is the necessity for me in my work to have all these entanglements, organizations, messages, this and that? If I am not the Infinite One, but just one like you, then thousands of such programs will be of no avail. Can I not in my silent way do the Universal work myself? Because if I am Baba, which definitely I am, and the whole world goes against me or worships me, it is all the same to me. Perhaps the only reason why I call my workers is to make you share in my Divine Cause, and if you are prepared to share in my work, it must be done one hundred percent honestly. You must work for me, for spreading the message of my love.

How? I will explain.

First of all, you should not at all seek or even expect appreciation from me or from others. This sounds so easy to do while I dictate, but most impossible to achieve. Work in itself is its own appreciation. The moment you seek appreciation, the work is undone. It is true, some of you may be ready to work for me and for my cause one hundred percent. Yet because some of you are poor and have large families, you cannot devote your time and means for my work. But why then work beyond your means? Why depend upon some help to make you work for me? The moment a worker depends upon anything or anyone, the work is undone. Do as much as you can, but do it honestly.

I have heard that people have been complaining of money being collected, money being used, money being spent, but not accounted for. If this is true, stop all work. One penny, one pie extracted in my name without true basis is dishonesty. So, today I want every one of you to pour out your hearts, and let us decide once and for all to work or to stop it. My dear friends, if you want to make people love me, show them that you really love me. Do not merely make them read my books and messages, but live such a life of sacrifice for me that they may automatically love me.


Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol.12, pp. 4352 – 4353.