The whole incident made a deep impression on Dr. Burleson, (the doctor who treated Baba and His women mandali after the first auto accident in Prague)and he recorded some of his thoughts in a letter to Baba dated June 3rd, 1952:

… From you and your party we have seen a demonstration of most of the teachings of Christ. Many Americans preach these things, but we have never observed so close an application of them. The profound devotion to you which is demonstrated by all your party convinces us that you deserve all of it. Such devotion cannot be forced, it can only be obtained by love; and to have that demonstrated affection from so many wonderful people is almost unbelievable. We are not accustomed to dealing with people who appreciate our efforts as you do, and the manifestation of that appreciation leaves us very humble, with the feeling that we do not deserve it because we realize our limitations and faults. Therefore, instead of efforts being classed as work, they have seemed a pleasure …

Every year thereafter, Dr. Burleson’s wife, Julia, would send Mani a Christmas card and correspond with her. Sarosh sent the Burlesons a tiger skin, and later Baba mailed the doctor a signed copy of his book God Speaks [when published in 1955]. Before leaving Prague, Baba gave him a cigarette case.

Baba won over their hearts. He would bother the doctor at night, sending messages with Nilu, for example, that he was in great pain. When awakened from sleep and summoned, the doctor would come; but Baba would tell him that now the pain was much less. This would happen several times during the night, but the more Baba “teased” him, the more Burleson was drawn to him. At times, after the doctor left, having just been assured by Baba that he was feeling much better, within two minutes Nilu would be sent to call him, saying the pain had started again. So the doctor would come again, when, of course, Baba would tell him he was better. How fortunate was Dr. Burleson; he was the one to have been chosen to treat the God-Man and his close circle.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, pp. 3854 – 3855.