On December 29th, (1927) Baba discoursed about the Avatar:

The Avatar can do all that a Sadguru does. He has and prepares a circle as a Sadguru does, but he does one special thing also. The Avatar can make a person who is not even in the circle, or turned to God (meaning enter the planes), a God-Realized salik with special duty.

If I get the whim, I may make a few selected boys of the ashram God-Realized at once and again bring them back for special duty. But for that the time must come – and also the whim. Krishna was an Avatar and he realized and brought down seventeen persons who were outside his circle; these seventeen were extra God-Realized saliks.

Let me see who now gets the apple! It all depends on love. So leave all this crying about separation and do only one thing – love me. Then I will do something special for not only seventeen, but for many – as many as I like. I have that power. There is no doubt as to that. So create and increase love. And what is the meaning of love? It means but one thing – thinking of me and nothing else.

The next day Baba revealed to the mandali:

My wish at this time is advancing boys and turning them into saliks. I am mostly concerned with boys, and that is why all this trouble
(meaning the ashram school). You will see how many of these boys will be saints! The time is very near. And after this work is finished, I
will manifest. But the whim must come and it is very difficult for it to come. But once it does, everything will be automatically done. I will show God to some and I will make some God!

The boys’ luck is so good that they have come near me. Great yogis have been clamoring for years to see God and become one with God. Some have been fasting for ten years; some have been hanging upside down for twenty years, yet still I do not go to them. I tell you some of the boys will see me as I really am. So urge them to go on loving me more and more and be worthy of this.

Soon after, the boys of the Prem Ashram began shedding tears night and day, giving vent to their overwhelming feelings and trying to lighten
the burden of their hearts. They would suddenly begin weeping in the school or while playing or taking food, and they themselves had no idea why they were crying.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 1002.