A meeting was called during the afternoon of April 15th, (1924) to suggest a name for Meher Baba’s newly built room. He suggested the name Jhopdi (simply meaning, the Hut), which all seemed to like; and so this one-room hut built for the Lord was accordingly christened. It was also referred to as Agra Kuti – the First Hut.

Another proposal was to name the three animals that were to be brought to Meherabad. Mehera’s mother, Daulat, had presented Baba with a white horse; this was the same horse which had belonged to Mehera when she was living in Poona. A white dog and a white bullock had also been procured. During the discussion, it was decided that the horse would be called “Sufi,” the bullock “Saint,” and the dog “Sadhu.”

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